Should I Use a Chin Strap for Snoring With My CPAP Machine?

If you choose a CPAP machine to help remedy your sleep apnea, you might have issues with mouth breathing that may need to be corrected with the use of a chin strap for snoring. A chin strap for snoring is generally a piece of fabric, often fitted with Velcro, that may be secured around your lower jaw and the top of your head. It keeps your mouth closed and enables you to get the full benefit of your CPAP.

What is Chin strap for snoring?

Chin Strap for Snoring CPAPYou will probably know if you need a chin strap for snoring based on the feedback of others. If mouth breathing is noticed during your sleep study, it might be applied at that time. Or, if your significant other notices air escaping from your mouth at night, or even snoring, this may suggest a need for a chin strap for snoring. Also, if you wake up with a very dry mouth or painful throat, it might be due to mouth breathing on your CPAP machine.

There are a few circumstances in which you might not want to use a chin strap for snoring. For those who have a congested nose, a deviated septum, or if your CPAP pressure is not set properly, you might not be getting enough air delivered through a nasal mask. In this case, closing your mouth firmly with a chin strap for snoring would be the wrong approach. You should consult with your durable medical equipment provider or your doctor before trying a chin strap for snoring on your own.

(Should I Use a Chin Strap for Snoring With My CPAP Machine?)

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